The organizations who have already put their trust in us


At Neovantas, we possess extensive knowledge about the banking industry, particularly retail banking. We assist the main banking organizations in their multi-channel digital transition, combining the latest technologies to extract value from data with our expertise in commercial systematics, change management, and developing continuous improvement processes. This is why we are trusted by the leading organizations in the world of finance.


Our expertise in the insurance market enables us to help leading insurance organizations understand the new needs of the customer in order to create experiences that improve sales conversion rates and customer loyalty, whilst simultaneously addressing the regulatory challenges through the use of our sophisticated technology.


In an ever-changing industry where it is important to maintain high quality standards to ensure fast uptake and customer retention, Neovantas is able to quickly extract high-impact insights to provide organizations with the tactical leverage that achieves results systematically and consistently over time.


Our fantastic results reaped in recent years have made Neovantas one of the stand-out consultancies for contact centers and leading companies in other industries (energy, distribution, audiovisual, etc.). Neovantas has worked with these businesses on process improvement, new product development, strategic planning, and other matters to help consolidate their status as industry leaders.