Case 1

Multinational insurance company improves its customer service and trainings to professionals, increases its sales and reduces costs.

This firm, specialised in the automobile insurance sector, has 15 years of experience and over 600,000 customers in the Iberian Peninsula. The pricing of its products is highly competitive and it delivers high-quality customer help via telephone and Internet. However, there were a series of processes customers did not understand. In order to solve this, Neovantas helped the Company set in motion a “Voice of the Customer” systematic. Thanks to the active listening actions (Speech Analytics), which transcribe and analyse over 130,000 incoming calls to the CRM centre every month, those processes which customers did not adequately understand were detected, enabling the company to reach its objectives.

Now customers need less time on the telephone to solve their doubts, claims or other aspects, reducing the length of telephone calls by 8%. Quality, another one of the parameters analysed, improved by 12%, increasing the efficiency of sales and loyalty campaigns. Finally, after a personalized coaching focusing on each one of the employees of the contact-centre, the net sales ratio increased by 23%.

The results were so positive that the company, together with Neovantas, decided to implement Speech Analytics to other countries where it is present, such as France, Portugal and Korea, and it is planning to expand it to the remaining countries of the organisation.


Case 1: Increase in net sales ratio

Case 2

Leading telecommunications firm in Spain incorporates the “Voice of the Customer” as a strategic element for the company resulting in a 40% increase in customer satisfaction.

The second largest telecommunications operator in the world, considering the amount of customers and revenues, successfully delivers cell, landline and ADSL services in Spain and in a large number of countries.

Conscious that the company’s success did not exclusively depend on its products and employees, but on its customers, the firm had to find a way to retain them while improving their perception of the company. The objective was to establish close communications while offering a quality service when customers called its call centre, since, to a large extent, that moment determined the consumer’s perception of the company and the success of the sale of products or services.

In order to improve its positioning and the service offered to its clients, the company decided to incorporate Neovantas’ “The Voice of the Customer” as well as advanced Analytics tools, systematically exploiting everything clients suggested. This way it was able to successfully tackle specific problems in the sphere of call-centres, such as unsolved problems with clients, excessive waiting times, unmanaged client dissatisfaction, unattended complaints, etc.

Thanks to Neovantas’ combination of technology, methodology and experience, optimal results were reached, such as a 40% decrease of customer dissatisfaction, a 21% increase of operational efficiency and a 20% drop of incidents. It has been such a big success that the firm, hand in hand with Neovantas, not only did implement these solutions in its Portuguese subsidiary, but it continued exploiting the “Voice of the Customer” in other areas such as operational efficiency and customer loyalty.


Case 2: Increase in customer satisfaction

Case 3

Important Spanish financial institution almost quadrupled its consumer products monthly trading volume.

This financial institution, leader in the banking and insurance sector of Spain, with more than 13 million customers and owner of the largest branch network, saw the need to stimulate the sale of consumer products in its sales network.

The collaboration established between Neovantas and such entity consisted on providing on-site training to its network by using an eminently practical methodology that could be directly applied in the branches. This allowed the management to improve the sales efficiency of consumption products. Additionally, Neovantas participated in its management and provided continuous support to the network during the development of the whole campaign.

After the training Neovantas delivered to the network, a significant increase in the purchase of consumer products was observed during the campaign, rising 5.6 times. Once the campaign was over, monthly purchases have been maintained at much higher levels than those existing prior to the campaign, 3.8 times more than the figures obtained before the training.


Case 3: Sales enhancement (monthly purchases)

Case 4

One of the main insurance companies of Spain improves its sales effectiveness 25% and identifies the levers to double its contacts with customers.

One of the main insurance companies in the Spanish market aimed at improving the effectiveness of its sales in the direct channel. In order to achieve this objective, it hired Neovantas, which helped it to identify the best practices for the sales of insurance in the consumer’s direct channel by using Speech Analytics, getting to analyse over 25,000 calls.

Neovantas enabled the insurance company to quantify the final sales impact of each one of its practices through statistical modelling, as well as to carry out an analysis, global and segmented, broken down by the type of customer. It also enabled it to elaborate optimised sales pitches according to the best practices identified. Finally, it contributed to design the scoreboard that would monitor the use of best practices segmented by the type of customer and at the agent-level. Transversally, Neovantas contributed to the revision of the sales process’ operations map.

The results obtained through this strategy were significant. On the one hand, it was calculated an increase of sales’ effectiveness in the direct channel of 25% (sales achieved per call). On the other hand, through the mapping and improvement of sales-related processes, the levers to double the productivity of the customer contact system were identified.


Case 4: Sales' effectiveness improvement

Case 5

Telecommunications operator, leader in Latin America, considerably shortens the number of auditors and manages to reduce its costs by over USD 900,000 per year.

This company, the telecommunications leader in Latin America, has over 200 million subscribers to cellular phones, 30 million to landlines, 17 million to broadband and 16 million subscribed to cable TV. Its objective was to reduce costs through automatic auditing, but always maintaining its quality and customer service levels.

In collaboration with Neovantas, the firm started an automatic quality auditing aimed at all agents that answered the company’s service calls. As a consequence of such auditing, a series of clear benefits were obtained: volume increase of the calls audited per agent and of the granularity of the results obtained (by geographic location, supplier, team, agent, etc.), higher objectivity in the measuring (vis-à-vis manual auditing) and the identification of alarms (in real time) based on the variations of relevant indicators.

Some of the most relevant results that such initiative achieved were the increase of audited volume, which went from 2% to 7%, a 70% reduction of the number of auditors (from 50 to 15), and costs savings above USD 900,000 per year. The automatic analysis implanted in collaboration with Neovantas also helped identifying a series of improvement initiatives that reduced the duration of the call between 5% and 10%.


Case 5: Cost reduction (audit function)