100% satisfied clients

As a consequence of Neovantas’ Insight and action, the execution of the action plan improves substantially, obtaining fast, significant results that are sustainable in time.

In Neovantas we help our clients to accelerate the objectives they seek on three fronts: increasing revenues, reducing costs and enhancing the quality of their products or services and their customers’ satisfaction. This way they manage to obtain double-digit impacts.

Some examples:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Retention of customers risking to defect
  • Improvement of customer loyalty
  • Cross-sales increase
  • Identification of emerging segments
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of recovery actions
  • Boosting sales campaigns
  • Optimisation of employees’ commercial effectiveness
  • Optimization of CRM processes
  • Simplification and restructuring of internal processes
  • Detection of incidents in sales and quality processes
  • Organisational structuring and reorganisation of human resources
  • Reduction incoming calls / e-mails
  • Automation of quality of service auditing
  • Reduction of customer complaints
  • Identification of causes for customer dissatisfaction
  • Auditing of suppliers
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Systematic implementation of continuous improvement
  • Improvement of knowledge management systems
  • Churn reduction