In Neovantas we have a wide experience in designing and executing trainings for large sales networks. Our model is based on two pillars:

  1. Ground-breaking training design and multiplatform
  2. Follow-up, control and continuous improvement dynamics

Our training is so ground-breaking that transforms the way organisations operate.

In the domain of on-site training, we would like to point out, for instance, the customisation of trainings, adapting ourselves to the audience, the use of real experiments during the sessions, the level of participation of the training participants and the easy evaluation method of the level off involvement.

On the other hand, virtual training facilitates its logistic implementation, fosters its reach and the speed of its launching, enables the use of several platforms (Webex, webcast, Lynch) and boosts offline training.

All the elements we use are highly interactive, allowing us to insure their effectiveness, such as exercises and experiments based on behavioural economy, games and videos, role-plays, real examples or simplified support elements.  We also generate user-friendly training manuals and specific support material for the employees in training.

And, above all, we establish support and boosting systems that insure the success of trainings and its continuous exploitation. In this sense, we participate on the on-going management of consult forums to quickly solve all questions raised to the trainers. We also establish an on-going boosting plan of the available platforms (newsletters, forums, webcasts, news, videos) and we create a document that we forward to the office network (periodically updated) where we gather the most common doubts and their solution.

  • Over 30 far-reaching campaigns or training actions (on-site and virtual) with the main banking institutions.
  • Over 100 on-site training sessions aimed at sales-network personnel.
  • Over 10,000 banking employees efficiently trained via Lync and webcast. Great impact on sales-networks.