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Dear friends,

It has been already 14 years! It was towards the end of 2003 that we started conversations with our first client in Spain and it all sped up in order to launch the “revolving cards” project that was to start at the beginning of 2004. Ever since, we have remained loyal to our principles: 1) being a management consulting firm that 2) provides a strong analytical component to our collaborations and 3) is devoted to achieve tangible and significant results in terms of revenues, costs and/or quality to our clients.

We have evolved in these past few years. It should be pointed out that since 2009 we are the first management consulting firm that systematically uses Speech & Text Analytics tools in order to be able to incorporate unstructured information into our analyses.

All that has led us to define a high-impact, innovative value proposition in Spain that is allowing us to fill a gap in the consulting sector that is not presently served, while significantly widening our client portfolio, both in Spain and abroad. Hence, while our first clients, 14 years ago, were mostly Spanish financial institutions, today, our client portfolio includes the main actors of the banking, insurance, telecommunications and energy sectors. And we have plans to widen it further to other sectors, including the public one. Besides, some years ago we have been expanding across Southern Europe (mainly Portugal and Italy), and, especially into Latin America, where we already have projects in motion – mostly in the telecommunications sector – in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile and Ecuador.

We have to underline that, in order to satisfy our above-mentioned principles while capturing the attention of senior management from the very first moment, our value proposition includes two complementary elements. In particular:

  1. Extracting value from all UNSTRUCTURED INFORMATION supplied by clients and employees, combining it with all the structured information available at the company in order to exploit, pragmatically and with results, the Big Data that our clients have available.
  2. Helping to transform the behaviour of wide groups, making them “ACQUIRE” and “USE” the systematics that will allow them to reach the company’s set objectives in terms of revenues, costs and/or quality, thus fostering, for instance, commercial activity in banking branches or in groups of specialised agents.

There is no doubt that all this could not be achieved without a team of highly motivated and excellent people that we not only care for, but help them to grow since the very same day they become part of our organization. We bet on young people with strong analytical capacities, entrepreneurial spirit and willing to learn and work in teams within an international environment. In order for them to develop rapidly, from the first moment we assign them to innovative projects with top-tier clients, allowing them to interact daily with our most senior team.

In short, all this constant and organised effort after 14 years of presence in Spain, has led to us becoming a reference when it comes to help transforming the way things are done in large organisations through the pragmatic incorporation of all the unstructured information available in companies. The result is that an ever increasing number companies have begun to consider us as their travelling companion in this fast-changing environment we are immersed in.

Best regards,

José Luis Cortina
Managing Director

August, 2018