JOY is an application that enables entities to exploit all the information available, whether structured or unstructured (e.g. recordings, emails), in an easy, speedy and pragmatic way to improve results, for instance, customer satisfaction.

Specifically, JOY calculates score from 0 to 10 virtually in real time thanks to its artificial intelligence engines, with automatic weighting of hundreds of quantitative and qualitative variables against a dependent variable (e.g. customer satisfaction, sales quality) and does so without asking any questions to the customer or the employee. The score given can be analysed in just a few clicks from any and all angles desired, depending on the information available (e.g. geography, customer type, product, etc.)

A solution based on three key elements

Unstructured information


JOY uses Analytical Tool to incorporate all voice and text interactions with customers; in addLtion to the structured data generated by you company

Predictive models based


JOY will estimate customer satisfaction scores using specific indicators to provide actionable, solutions on available models (i.e. NPS, CES, surveys, etc) by using Machine Learning algorithms

User - friendly multidevice


JOY is available from any device with internet connection (Smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc) it has user friendly dashboards, automatics alarms, different levels of credentials, and the latest security protocols


The app is designed for all types of business user