Our claim Insights. Actions. Results. perfectly defines our value proposal. We obtain knowledge (Insights) from the information that we handle, allowing us to better understand the situation. We help companies to set their plans in motion (Actions), and we advise them to accelerate results, developing the basis for sustainability (Results).


The deep and practical analysis of information that we develop, allows generating a significant impact on income, costs and/or quality.

Our value proposal is based on two factors: extracting all unstructured information and the strategic transformation of wide groups.

Firstly, we exploit in a practical and thorough way all unstructured information sources, combining them with structured ones. This way we generate substantial business intelligence, Insights, that is translated into specific recommendations easy to implement.

Secondly, we help our clients to get wide groups within their company to modify their behaviour and to effectively adopt new business systems, Actions.

In those projects where both factors are combined, value is multiplied. I.e., when the business intelligence obtained is used to transform the behaviour of wide groups, the systems defined are even more effective in the company as a whole, both in its adoption and execution. This, in terms of results, means even higher impacts for our clients.


We offer a new perspective

Our forte is knowing how to read fast between the lines and extracting value out of what final clients and employees say. Essentially, by analysing the unstructured information the company holds, both oral and written, we detect aspects that are relevant but that may have been overlooked.

In the past few years extracting value from “Voice of the Customer” has gained importance in all business environments, and the need to incorporate it to the organization has increased.

In Neovantas we go one step beyond: unifying the “Voice of the Customer, the Employee and the Company” VoCEC™), being the first management consultant firm that systematically incorporates sophisticated tools of Speech Analytics and Text Analytics into its analyses.

How do we do it?

1. We gather unstructured data (from customers and employees) and structured information (from the company) obtained from all possible channels.

2. We analyse and synthesise. We segment information, identify patterns, look for correlations and causal relationships, and generate Insights.

3. We recommend and propose initiatives based on the results of the analysis and the specific objectives of each project.


We accelerate results

Having identified the insights, and through the use of behavioural economy elements, we modulate and optimise action plans in order for the employees to “buy” and “use” the business systematics we suggest, thus mobilising the teams homogeneously in the right direction.

Beyond our strong strategic recommendations, we help our clients to get wide groups within the company to modify their behaviour and to effectively adopt new business systematics.

This transformation is possible due to a strong interaction with our clients at all levels. Our analyses and the tools we use, allow us to quickly recognise the needs and concerns of final clients and employees.

How do we do it?

1. We set in motion initiatives regarding the following aspects:

– Procedure protocols and sales pitches
– Incentive systems
– Ad-hoc training
– Improvement of processes, etc.

2. Follow up and control: Once the initiatives have been launched, we start a dynamics of continuous improvement that will permit the evaluation of the degree of implementation of the transformation plan set in motion, even before evaluating the results obtained.


We obtain insights that bring forth great value to the business; we contribute to make the action plan tangible and to set priorities, thus helping steering committees to make decisions. We use these insights to accelerate results and to transform the way wide groups behave, helping to foster change (effectively mobilising the organisation), coordinating the executed tasks and guaranteeing the continuous improvement of processes.

Our efforts quickly generate tangible, significant and lasting results which can be translated into increased revenues, costs reduction and quality/satisfaction improvement.