Neovantas is quality and excellence oriented, and our clients play a key role, being our best reference and guarantee.

Our wide client portfolio includes some of the main financial (banking and insurance) and telecommunications companies. Besides, in the past few years we have extended our services, with considerable success, to other sectors such as energy and distribution, both in Spain and abroad.


The global economic crisis has substantially altered the modus operandi of the banking sector. The fall of financial giants, the wave of mergers and acquisitions and the scepticism of consumers have generated an unprecedented situation. In this situation the development of cutting edge products, customer satisfaction and consequently his/her loyalty, have become crucial, as well as the enrolment of new clients.

Neovantas has been specialising for years in this industry, thus developing a vast knowledge of the market and the trust of leading financial institutions. The use of unstructured information sources as well as the design of new marketing and sales strategies, knowledge management or quality assurance, have helped us to advise our clients on how to stay afloat while increasing their market shares.



The insurance sector has experienced significant advances and changes in the past few years. Traditional customer loyalty and acquisition channels are undergoing considerable changes, as well as client management and interaction channels. Besides, new actors from the financial sector are changing the rules of the game.

How do you acquire new clients, retain your own and increase their level of satisfaction? Through the systematic knowledge of the customer’s real needs. And that is precisely what Neovantas delivers.



Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing sectors in the past years. In a scenario of frantic technological advances, mergers and acquisitions, frequent legislative changes and the emergence of new international actors, operators face complex challenges they have to constantly deal with.

Competition, both in terms of products and services, is fierce, hence enrolment and loyalty, as well as high quality customer service, are key. Only those operators able to establish optimal relationships with customers and that constantly offer innovative and differential services will obtain higher market shares. It is precisely in this area where Neovantas’ analysis, strategic advice and experience make a difference.



The energy sector has to face extremely complex challenges worldwide. Changing regulatory frameworks, the steady advance of alternative sources of energy, price volatility, the high level of consumer demand, environmental constraints and the ever increasing concentration of multinationals unfold a complex framework for the companies of this sector where competition is already very aggressive.

In view of this situation there are a good number of companies that are modifying their marketing and sales strategies. In order to do so properly, it is necessary to have a profound knowledge of the market as well as to obtain quality information from end customers (both in Spain and abroad). Neovantas’ consulting services have led some energy companies to face their challenges very successfully.



Our vast experience in consulting, research, analysis and strategy in several areas of the economy has led us to bring our knowledge to other no less important areas. The result has been the improvement of processes and services of some of the leading companies in their respective sectors (outsourcing, security, management and reimbursement of claims, etc.).

Market segmentation and customer knowledge (behaviour, tastes, habits, expectations, etc.) are of paramount importance in order to establish market penetration strategies and to maintain leadership positions. In Neovantas we help our clients, independently of their sector, to reach their objectives in the shortest possible time.