Neovantas is an International management consulting firm that helps its clients to significantly accelerate results in terms of income, costs and/or quality, developing the basis for sustainability.

This is achieved thanks to its bold client orientation and a to a value proposal leveraged by both Insights & Actions.

Our firm is present in Europe and Latin America, and our services have a strong analytical component aimed at generating fast results that are sustainable for our clients.

Our eminently pragmatic approach enables our clients to extract business value from all unstructured information sources, combining them with the structured information already present in the company. We also help to capitalise that value, helping them to transform the way in which wide groups behave into business systematics and procedures. This approach allows our clients to obtain substantial results.

We are the first management consulting firm that, since 2009, systematically uses sophisticated Speech & Text Analytics tools in order to incorporate unstructured information into its analyses.

Our unique combination of industry knowledge, practical solutions and client understanding, allows us to better understand our clients situation, define more precisely the changes that need to take place and accelerate the intended results.


Neovantas is a Limited Company with Spanish capital owned by its partners.

Our teams have a sectorial profile (retail banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, etc.). This background allows us to build experienced centres in the industry that provide for advanced solutions and consulting disciplines aimed at satisfying our clients’ demands.

Our top management and team are fully involved in all aspects of every single project: from its structuring and execution to the communication of recommendations and the consolidation of achieved results.



In Neovantas we establish strong and lasting relationships with our clients by means of the efficiency of our working teams, our integrity, professional excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

Through our work we redefine what the consulting firm does for its clients and the way in which they measure delivered value.

We want to be the leading provider of recommendations of distinctive, pragmatic and vital solutions for the enterprise.


Neovantas emerged as an independent trademark stemming from the international consulting firm based in New York, Novantas, Inc.

Novantas was founded in the 1990’s, specialising in management consulting for the financial sector. In the year 2000 it launched its international department. In 2004 it started operations in Spain, collaborating with the main financial institutions of this country.

Since 2009 we developed a more distinctive value proposition, capitalising on the exploitation of unstructured information in order to help large corporations to radically change the way they do things. Thus, in recent years we have extended the width of sectors we address beyond our original focus in banking, penetrating in others just as demanding such as insurance, telecommunications, energy, distribution, etc.

Our fast growth and transformation in Spain prompted us to create Neovantas in 2015. Our claim “Insights. Actions. Results.” transmits what we actually provide our clients, both nationally and internationally.